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Sicilian Feasts

Sicilian Feasts

by Giovanna Bellia La Marca

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“… a superbly presented collection of rich, lip-smacking treats offering a festival of taste and exploration for adventurous dining.”—The Midwest Book Review

Now available in an illustrated edition with new recipes and color photos!

Sicilian Feasts was born out of the author’s love for her native Sicily. Giovanna Bellia La Marca uses simple methods and readily available ingredients to teach the straightforward and delectable everyday cooking of Sicily. The history, customs, and folklore, as well as the flavorful and varied cuisine of her beautiful Mediterranean island are well represented in these recipes and stories.

In this new third edition, La Marca adds a number of popular Sicilian recipes that have been featured on YouTube on the popular “Pasta Grannies” channel as well as on La Marca’s own cooking show, “Kitchen on the Cliff.”

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