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by Charlie Trotter

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Ten Speed Press
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Recommended by

Matt Gillan


This was one of the first books I had from a foriegn chef. There were a lot of ingredients I'd never heard of before. I do think i was before it's time. Legendary chef!!

Natasha MacAller


Filled with stunning photos of ingredients and creative cooking techniques I'd never seen before, this book helped me ace many an exam in culinary school!

Maria Elia


A treasured and first cook book bought as a young chef,so inspiring,full of flavour sensations and the most beautiful food photography

Alan Murchison

Retired chef, duathlete and performance nutrition specialist

All his books were ahead of their time both in terms of photography & presentation.

Simon Haigh

Food and Beverage Director

Great photography full page pictures nothing to hide!

Carianne Wilkinson

Vice-principal of Silwood Cookery School

Another book that I wowed over as a young chef

Franck Dangereux

Co-owner of The Food Barn

Gavin Kaysen