Vegetable Literacy

by Deborah Madison

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Ten Speed Press
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Recommended by

John Becker

Food publisher

This is part reference book, part recipe book delivered in Madison's easygoing style. Her recipes are very clean, and she approaches vegetables by family. This is an unusual organization strategy, but it teaches you how to treat entire families of vegetables rather than going at each one in a disjointed way.

Kate Schulz

Food writer and podcast producer

Maybe you have total restraint at the Farmer’s Market. If instead you’re like me and tend to pick up 4 pounds of beautiful eggplant without a plan, this is your book. Deborah Madison groups vegetables botanically and provides recipes, techniques, and guidelines.

Jennifer Armentrout

Editor-in-Chief, Fine Cooking Magazine

The definitive reference for all plant-based foods.

Amy Chaplin

Vegetarian Chef and Award Winning Author

Anna Jones

Cook, food writer and stylist

Carey Polis

Editor, Bon Appetit

Yotam Ottolenghi

Chef and author

Diane Morgan

Cooking teacher and cookbook author