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Home Canning and Preserving

Home Canning and Preserving

by Janet Cooper


Janet Cooper reveals the secrets of trapping a season in a jar in this ode to home canning. Spiced red grape sauce, minted onion rings, and tangerine jam show off the versatility of the preservation process, and the creative possibilities are endless once you have Cooper’s basic techniques down pat.

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Home Canning and Preserving instructs readers how to make small-batch preserves, pickles, and more, whether in the summer or winter months, even when fresh produce is not as readily available. Janet Cooper, who has spent a lifetime finessing the art of small-batch preserving, provides you with step-by-step instructions on how to put by some of your favorite canned and jarred goods. With color photographs and one hundred recipes, including orange marmalade, fig jam, six-fruit chutney, apple sauce, green tomato relish, and hot mustard, this is the definitive guide...

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