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Weeknight Gluten Free

Weeknight Gluten Free

by Kristine Kidd


Flavor is never sacrificed in Kristine Kidd’s Weeknight Gluten Free. Rather than trying to convince us that gluten-free substitutes taste just like the original, this volume is full of nutrient-rich dishes that are naturally gluten-free, proving that there can be a delicious life without wheat.

from the publisher

In Weeknight Gluten Free, [Kristine Kidd] presents more than 100 of her favorite quick dinner recipes developed during her self-described “year of glorious experimentation.” These vibrant, but simple meals are free of wheat, rye, and barley, and so satisfying and delicious, you’ll never realize those ingredients are missing…. A reliable guide for eating well every night, no matter what the day.

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Weldon Owen
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