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Maze: The Cookbook

Maze: The Cookbook

by Jason Atherton


Early in his career, Jason Atherton spent a formative year working with at the famed Spanish restaurant El Bulli. Maze was his first solo restaurant, backed by Gordon Ramsay. It won Time Out's 2005 Best London Restaurant award, and went on to win a Michelin star. Maze: The Cookbook's unique approach presents recipes in groups of three, with one of Maze's restaurant dishes presented in full, followed by two simpler dishes, using similar flavors and ingredients, so there is something for everyone, whatever your level of culinary ambition.

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Maze is one of the most exciting and original restaurants to open in London in recent years and much of its success is due to its prodigiously talented headchef, Jason Atherton. With a focus on quality ingredients, imaginative flavour combinations and simple presentation, the food at Maze is served in small tapas-style portions, enabling the customer to sample a wide variety of dishes in a single meal.In "Maze, The Cookbook", Jason reveals the secrets of 30 of his signature dishes served as they would be in the restaurant, including Marinated Beetroot with Goat's Cheese, Chard and Beetroot Dressing, Butter Roasted Cod with Silky Mash and Spiced Lentils, and Mango Parfait with Orange Anise Jelly. Each dish is followed by two more recipes based on the same core ingredients, flavourings, or techniques created by Jason especially for the book. So, whether you're looking to re-create the Maze experience in your own home or find inspiration from his extraordinary ingredients and flavour combinations, everything you need is here in this beautifully illustrated cookbook.

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Author profile: Jason Atherton

Author profile: Jason Atherton

With Maze: The Cookbook added to ckbk this week, we spoke to chef and restauranteur Jason Atherton to find out what it was like being part of a movement of chefs who fundamentally changed the way people think about food in the UK.

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