The Complete Guide to Traditional Jewish Cooking

The Complete Guide to Traditional Jewish Cooking

By Marlena Spieler

Original Publisher
Hermes House
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Featuring dishes from Russia, Poland, Ukraine, Germany, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Greece, Morocco, Egypt, Iran, Israel, the Middle East, India, the United States and Latin America, this is a celebration of kosher and Jewish cooking, that feature home-cooked fare, deli delights and fusion food. You can enjoy classic Jewish soups, stews, finger foods, patties, noodles, kugels, salads, pancakes, bakes and strudels. The rich and varied history of the Jewish people is reflected in the glorious diversity of their food and cooking. This definitive illustrated guide includes recipes from the many European, Middle Eastern, North African and American countries rich in Jewish heritage. An easy-to-follow chapter on the essentials of kashrut and kosher cooking explains the significance of the different foods, and the appropriate ways to prepare and eat them. Over 400 recipes offer an astonishing array of dishes. You can create classics such as chicken Kiev, Hungarian goulash and apple strudel among many others. Brimming with taste and variety, this cookbook will inform, surprise and delight.

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