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Food for Friends

Food for Friends

by Levi Roots


In his characteristic laid-back, familiar style, Levi Roots provides 100 easy recipes sure to impress when friends come around. Roots shows you how to bring Caribbean flair and flavor to any occasion: Smoked Fish Choka for brunch, Super Regal Coronation Chicken for picnics, Sweetcorn Fritoritos for parties, and much more. Friends and family will enjoy the reggae vibes and dynamic flavors in every bite.

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From the introduction: "This book is about making fabulocious food for your mates and family and getting the island vibe around the table. I love savouring the taste of my own cooking and get excited at the thought of other people enjoying it, but the conversation around my table is always the highlight. Tasty food brings about the best times. When my friends sit down to eat, we speak about good happenings and glad tidings. And of course there's always music, the radio’s on or a CD is playing to help the vibe."

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Mitchell Beazley
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Tola Akerele

Hotelier, designer and cookbook author

Delicious easy to follow recipes. A book on communal eating Caribbean style infusing his yummy sauces.