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Mighty Spice Cookbook

Mighty Spice Cookbook

by John Gregory-Smith


Cook and keen traveller John Gregory-Smith spent a decade collecting recipes from across Asia, the Americas and the Middle East, and in this volume rounds up a banquet of spice-centric dishes. John’s recipes hit the right balance of authenticity and achievability, and there is plenty of information on how to cook successfully with spices too.

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Spices have been used in kitchens for thousands of years and they are as relevant today as they have always been - versatile, healthy, economical, easy to obtain, and, more importantly, utterly delicious. However, many people find spices confusing and equate them to endless shopping lists or old jars sitting in their kitchen cupboard. Mighty Spice Cookbook will change these misconceptions and show everyone how simple it is to cook with spices - and create mouth-watering recipes, full of flavour.

John Gregory-Smith brings us a wonderful collection of recipes from all over the world including China, Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, India, Sri Lanka, Lebanon, Turkey, Morocco and Mexico.

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Q&A with John Gregory-Smith, author of Mighty Spice

Q&A with John Gregory-Smith, author of Mighty Spice

John Gregory-Smith’s cookbooks Mighty Spice Cookbook and Mighty Spice Express Cookbook, both new to ckbk, are an ode to the world of spices, which has motivated his global meanderings through the years. We spoke to John about his food-writing inspiration, and the key spices that cooks should have on hand to cook Middle Eastern dishes.
Explore the world of spices with ckbk

Explore the world of spices with ckbk

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