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Chocolate: The Definitive Guide

Chocolate: The Definitive Guide

by Sara Jayne Stanes


Few authors can write more authoritatively on this topic than ‘chocolate evangelist’ Sara Jayne Stanes. Stanes covers the chocolate gamut, from history and provenance to cocoa varieties and how chocolate is made, and includes 10 unbeatable recipes for Chocolate Cake, Chocolate Truffles, and more.

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Features & Stories

Consuming Passions: Chocolate

Consuming Passions: Chocolate

As Easter approaches, food writer and Registered Nutritionist Joy Skipper reflects on her passion for chocolate and shares findings from her recent travels around southern India, visiting cacao plantations and chocolate makers.
Digging up the history of hot chocolate

Digging up the history of hot chocolate

Canadian heritage consultant (and hot chocolate aficionado) Jane Severs writes about how a few delicate 17th-century porcelain fragments uncovered at an archaeological site in Newfoundland led her to unravel the history of chocolate in the New World.
So you think you know ... chocolate

So you think you know ... chocolate

Are you a mere chocaholic or a borderline chocolatier? How deep does your chocolate knowledge go? Take our quiz, created in partnership with artisanal chocolate maker Guittard Chocolate Company, to find out how much you really know.
Learning With Experts: A delicious way to learn

Learning With Experts: A delicious way to learn

Learning With Experts is the ultimate online classroom for people who are keen to sharpen their skills in a number of life-enhancing subjects, including gardening, photography, floristry – and food & drink. Find out about some of the courses on offer in this guest post from Learning With Experts, and see how this hands-on skills training can help you get the most from ckbk’s huge range of cookbooks.

Recommended by

William Curley

Patissier and chocolatier

Sara Jayne is the authority on fine chocolate and this book was very much at the forefront of the fine chocolate movement in the UK. The book covers an in depth history of cacao from the very beginnings with the indigenous people of South America through to the modern day fine chocolate industry. It has an array of chocolate based recipe from herself and also from well-known chefs.