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Recipes from Ukraine

Recipes from Ukraine

by Yurii Pryiemskyi and Simon Boyle


The Ukrainian chef dreamed of becoming a football player before finding his passion for cooking. He trained in Italy and London before returning to Ukraine and becoming head chef of Odessa restaurant in Kviv. Since the Russian invasion, he has dedicated his time to feeding refugees and training cooks to create nourishing food for frontline troops. The recipes in this book are based on nine of his favorite ingredients from his home country.

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Recipes from Ukraine is a unique recipe book from one of the most respected Chefs in Ukraine, Yurii Pryiemski. “We have a long tradition of cooking, most of which we learned from our mothers and grandmothers,” said Yurii. “These are the ingredients that we all grew up with, humble ingredients that we are now elevating.” The book includes 80 plus recipes all beautifully photographed using 9 of Yurii's Favourite ingredients. Yurii has carefully selected recipes that are designed to encourage the home cook to create Ukranian food elevated to restaurant standard. This edition features an introduction from UK chef Simon Boyle, whose runs the Brigade Restaurant social enterprise and the Beyond Food Foundation charity.

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