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Introducing our newest feature: Community Collections

Discover, Save, Share

What's more fun than finding a new favorite recipe? Sharing ideas with a community who loves great cooking as much as you do! Our new Community Collections let you browse all the recipe playlists made by the ckbk community, and share your own collections for others to discover too!

Browse the recipe playlists of fellow ckbk members

From the Collections menu, swap between: 

Share your recipe playlists

Save a compilation of all your favorites in a simple package ready to share—it’s like the modern day mixtape! Cooked your way through a cookbook and want to give recommendations of your favorite recipes? Mastered a new skill and want to weigh in on the most essential techniques? Planning an exquisite holiday menu and want to share some ideas? Click, save and share. Start here ▸

Discover collections by and about ckbk authors

Cookbook authors love lists too! Visit the profile page of your favorite authors and you’ll find collections contributed by them (such as Jill Dupleix’s Wow Food), as well as any collections related to the author created by the community (such as 1970s Dinner Parties à la Robert Carrier shared by ckbk member Patricia Michelson).

Enhanced search results

In addition to seeing search results of authors, books, reference articles, and recipes, you’ll now find collections by the community and ckbk editorial team.

Looking for ‘Rice’? You’ll find 6,000 recipes, 2 books, plus, recipe collections called Crispy Rice, and Globe-Trotting Rice.

Save collections you want to return to

Our community is full of great ideas, return to the most interesting by saving them to your favorites list. Simply click on the heart icon to save.


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