Varga Strudel-Cake



  • 2 cups flour
  • ½ pound butter, melted
  • Salt
  • 1 whole egg
  • pounds cottage cheese
  • 5 eggs, separated
  • 1 cup sugar
  • ½ cup sour cream
  • ¼ cup white raisins
  • ½ vanilla bean, pulverized
  • Vanilla sugar


  1. Prepare a Strudel dough from ¾ cup flour, ¼ teaspoon melted butter, a pinch of salt and ¼ cup water. You may have to add a little more water, depending on the flour. Let the dough rest for 30 minutes.
  2. Stretch the dough to a very thin sheet, and tear off the thick edges. Let the sheet rest for 15 minutes.
  3. Sprinkle the dough with melted butter, then fold it carefully. Keep folding it and sprinkling melted butter on each layer until the folded oblong becomes the size of your baking pan.
  4. Butter heavily the chosen baking pan, and put the folded Strudel in it. Preheat oven to 375°F.
  5. Prepare a noodle dough from cups flour, 1 whole egg, a pinch of salt and 1 cup water. Knead the dough well, and roll it out quite thin. Cut it into ¼-inch strips.
  6. Boil the noodles till tender, then rinse with cold water.
  7. Sauté the drained noodles in 2 tablespoons butter for a few seconds.
  8. Put the cottage cheese through a sieve and mix in 5 egg yolks, the sugar, sour cream, raisins, any remaining butter and the pulverized vanilla bean. Add the sautéed noodles.
  9. Beat the egg whites till stiff, then fold them into the cheese mixture.
  10. Pour the filling over the top of the folded Strudel dough in the baking pan. Bake in the preheated oven for 45 minutes.
  11. About 10 minutes after the Strudel is out of the oven, sprinkle it with vanilla sugar.