French Melon. Aubois Sauce

Melon à la Française. Sauce Aubois


Prepare two custards, one of pistachio (‘Book of Ices,’ page 19) and one of strawberry (‘Book of Ices,’ page 22), and freeze each separately. Take the melon ice-mould and line each half of it about half an inch thick with the frozen pistachio custard, and fill up the centre with the frozen strawberry custard; fix the parts of the mould together, and put it into the charged ice cave for three hours. When required turn out the ice in the usual way and serve it on a dish on a dish-paper, or arrange it on a border of frozen pistachio ice. Place round it some small frozen shapes of the strawberry and pistachio ices mixed, and garnish it with a few fern leaves. Serve with Aubois sauce in a sauceboat, and use for a dinner or dessert ice.