Red Currant Jelly Ice

Glace de Gelée de Groseilles Rouges


Mix six large tablespoonfuls of red currant jelly with one and a half pints of cold water, the strained juice of two oranges, and the juice of one large lemon; colour the mixture a bright red by the addition of a little of Marshall’s liquid Carmine, flavour it with two wineglassfuls of Marshall’s Maraschino Syrup and half a pint of St. Julien claret, rub it all together through a tammy cloth, and freeze the mixture in the charged freezer to the consistency of batter; then mix into it half a pint of stiffly-whipped cream that is sweetened with an ounce of castor sugar; refreeze and serve in a rough state, or, if desired, the mixture can be put in a mould and placed in the charged ice cave for three and a half hours; when sufficiently frozen dip the mould into cold water, pass a cloth over the bottom to absorb any moisture, and turn out the ice on a dish on a dish-paper or serviette. It may be served with small assorted shapes of the same ice, with fern leaves placed here and there round the dish, for a dinner or dessert ice.