Grapefruit, Orange and Thyme Kombucha


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By Asa Simonsson

Published 2019

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Grapefruit is another amazing flavour in kombucha. I combine it with fresh orange juice for a citrussy double-act. It is best to make your own juice for this recipe by squeezing the fruits or using a citrus juice press. Any fresh herb can be used to flavour this kombucha; rosemary is a lovely alternative to the thyme.


  • 750 ml/1¼ pints of simple kombucha (see basic recipe)
  • 150 ml/5¼ fl oz freshly squeezed pink grapefruit juice
  • 100 ml/3½ fl oz freshly squeezed orange juice
  • 1–2 twigs of fresh or dried thyme


    1. Make the simple kombucha as described. Pour into a clean kilner-style glass bottle with a flip-off lid and a rubber ring that seals tightly when closed.
    2. Pour in the freshly squeezed juices.
    3. Add the whole thyme twigs to the bottle and close the lid, making sure it seals tightly. If it isn’t well sealed it will not be as fizzy. Turn the bottle upside-down carefully just once to mix.
    4. Let it ferment at room temperature undisturbed for 24–48 hours. Check if it is ready by carefully opening the lid to see how fizzy it is. If not fizzy enough, ferment for another 12–24 hours.
    5. Store the bottle in the fridge when finished, but remember it will continue to ferment a little so if you are planning to store it for some time it would be better to put it in the fridge even earlier on in the fermentation process.
    6. Enjoy a glass decorated with a fresh slice of grapefruit and a new small twig of thyme. If you find your kombucha a bit strong just dilute it with sparkling water.