Frozen Earl Grey Foam | Bergamot Sorbet | Bergamot Chocolate Shell | Earl Grey Génoise

Why These Flavors Work

Earl Grey is traditionally a black tea with flavor added from bergamot orange oil; therefore, this flavor combination is essentially tied together by tradition, but also because the bitterness of the black tea and the floral, citrus notes of the bergamot pair very well. The flavors of chocolate, citrus, and black tea are aligned for similar reasons and are frequently found together in many dessert preparations.



Plating Procedure

  1. Place the assembled frozen Earl Grey foam tube on a plate, seam facing down.
  2. Using a cornet (parchment paper cone filled with melted chocolate), attach the letter to the chocolate tube. Attach 1 square yellow chocolate plaque to each side of the shell, shiny side facing out. Serve immediately.