64% Dark Chocolate Mousse | Crème Fraîche | Luxardo Cherries | Chocolate Blackout Cake

Why These Flavors Work

This dessert is inspired by the Black Forest cake, a classic cake that combines the flavors of chocolate, cherries, and cream. Cherries and chocolate play off each other well, with the intense cherry notes enhanced by the dark chocolate. The cream component is a basic background flavor that helps smooth other flavors out.



Assembly Procedure

  1. Line a flat half sheet pan with a nonstick rubber mat and place 10 square molds measuring 9 cm/3.5 in square by 2.5 cm/1 in deep on the mat. Line the inside of each mold with a strip of acetate.
  2. Cut out ten 7.50-cm/3-in squares of the chocolate blackout cake with Luxardo cherries and crème fraîche using a square cutter. Reserve frozen.
  3. Pipe enough dark chocolate mousse into each mold to fill it one-third of the way.
  4. Place the cut-out cakes on top of the mousse and push them in, crème fraîche side first. The mousse should push out the sides of the cake to the top of the mold. If it does not, then pipe more mousse in. Even out the mousse on the top of the mold using an offset spatula. Freeze this setup.
  5. Once it is frozen, take the frames off, as well as the acetate strips. Transfer to a wire rack with 7.5 cm/3 in space between them and reserve frozen.
  6. Meanwhile, bring the shiny glaze up to about 40°C/105°F by placing it in a bowl over a hot water bath.
  7. Take the chocolate mousse squares out of the freezer. Pour an even coat of shiny glaze over the entire surface of the mousse, letting it drip over. Before the glaze sets, push each mousse forward on the wire rack about 7.5 cm/3 in; this helps prevent “feet” from forming at its base.
  8. Transfer the glazed mousse to their display bases.
  9. Apply the gold chocolate plaque. Reserve refrigerated until ready to display.