Soufflé au Chocolat

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What Shall We Have To-Day? 365 Recipes for All the Days of the Year

What Shall We Have To-Day? 365 Recipes for All the Days of the Year

By X. Marcel Boulestin

Published 1932

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For this soufflé, as indeed for most soufflés, the proportion of eggs is two to each person. There are a great many mistaken ideas in connection with this delicious dish, one of them being that if you open the door of the oven it becomes flat at once; in fact, a soufflé cannot be made by exact timing, and you must watch it carefully to see if it is getting on as it should be, quickly enough, yet not too quickly. Of course, you must not leave the door of the oven open or open it too much, but you must not be afraid to glance at it if necessary.

This chocolate soufflé is specially light, as it does not contain any flour at all. Grate about a handful of pure cocoa, add a good deal of castor sugar (pure cocoa is very bitter), put in six yolks of egg and melt slowly over the fire, stirring well. See that it is sweet enough and smooth. Put away to cool while you beat the six whites to a stiff froth, when they are ready add them to the chocolate mixture, put in half first and mix, then the rest and mix again. The mixing should be done with a light hand. Put the finished article in the soufflé dish, which you have previously greased, with a little butter and sprinkled with sugar. Cook and serve at once.