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Chocolate: The Food of the Gods


By Chantal Coady

Published 1993

Only the very finest chocolate should be used for cooking. It is even more true when cooking with chocolate than it is with wine, for example, that the finer the ingredients, the better the end result.

I recommend Valrhona as the greatest chocolate producer in the world. Its chocolate is chosen by many of the world’s leading pastry chefs and is available through most good specialist stores, or by mail order from the Chocolate Society in England (page 119). Failing that, I would use Lindt Excellence of Surfin, Charbonnel et Walker’s Chocolat Fondant or Cote d’Or Extra Amer. Nestlé also do a good chocolat patissier, and Callebaut’s couverture is very good where it is available, which is normally only to professional chefs.

In general, the word “couverture” is a good indication of high quality, but do not be confused by words such as “covering” or “coating” chocolate, which refer to a completely different and inferior product. Look for chocolate containing a high proportion of cocoa solids, and pure vanilla extract (essence), not vanillin, an artificial flavouring.

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