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Oxford Companion to Food

Oxford Companion to Food

By Alan Davidson

Published 2014

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American cheeses; Appenzell; asiago; ayran; Beaufort; beestings; Bel Paese; bleu; blue cheeses; blue vinney; bog butter; brick cheese; Brie; burrini; butter; buttermilk; caciocavallo; caciotta; Caerphilly; Camembert; cantal; carré; cendré; Cheddar; cheese (including cheese-making, cheese in cookery); Cheshire; cœur; Cotherstone; cottage cheese; cream; cream cheese; crowdie; curd; curd cheese; Danish cheeses; Derby; Dunlop; Edam; Emmental; Explorateur; feta; fondue; fontina; fourme; fromage frais; gammelost; German cheeses; ghee; Gloucester; goat’s milk cheeses; gorgonzola; Gouda; grana; grating cheeses; green cheese; Gruyère; haloumi; hand cheeses; ice cream; ice cream sundae; Jarlsberg; kashk and kishk; kashkaval; kaymak; kefalotyri; kefir; koumiss; Lancashire; lassi; Leicester; Leiden; Liederkranz; Limburger; Liptauer; Livarot; loaf cheese; maas; Manchego; margarine; Maroilles; mascarpone; milk; milk reduction; mozzarella; Munster; Neufchâtel; Nostrale and Nostrano; oka; panir; Parmesan; pecorino; ‘pickled‘ cheeses; Pont l‘évêque; Port salut; ‘pot’ cheeses; potted (and processed) cheeses; provolone; quark; queso; quroot; raclette; reblochon; rennet; resurrection cheese; ricotta; Romadur; Roquefort; Russian cheeses; Saanen; sage cheese; Saint-Nectaire; Samsoe; Sbrinz; Schabziger; skyr; slipcote; sour cream; sour milk; Spanish cheeses; steppe; Stilton; stracchino; sweet cream and curd; syr and sir; Taleggio; Tilsiter; tomme; Trappist cheese; vacherin; Wensleydale; whey; whey cheeses; yarg; yoghurt; York (cheese).