The Stew Pot

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By Julee Rosso and Sheila Lukins

Published 1982

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Today, stews are considered “comfort food” and sometimes they’re just what we need to slow us down in our busy world. The influence of the Slow Food movement to sustain authentic cooking methods, and the ease of electric slow cookers, have contributed to the trend of gently simmering meats and vegetables. In our world of instant everything, the revival of old-fashioned stews and pot roasts just seems so very luxurious and worth celebrating.
Stews are forgiving food, easygoing, and open to improvisation and substitution. They also reduce pressure in the kitchen, since stews are nearly always better made a day or two in advance of serving. The finished product, long simmered and rich flavored, is always a crowd pleaser. There’s something about a stew pot simmering in the kitchen that lets everyone know that a caring cook is in control. Stew says something special to your guests; they feel welcomed, comforted, nourished.