The Silver Palate Cookbook

by Julee Rosso and Sheila Lukins


Manhattan-based duo Julee Rosso and Sheila Lukins' iconic cookbook celebrates the food of their famed shop. The recipes in the book, like those of the shop are "cooked as we did at home, with fresh, seasonal ingredients, no shortcuts ever.” Salmon Mousse, Cheese Straws, Saucisson en Croûte, Torta Rustica, Blackberry Mousse to name a few.

from the publisher

Sheila Lukins and Julee Rosso’s 1982 treatise showed that complex, cosmopolitan flavors – Chicken Marbella, Salmon Mousse, Pasta Puttanesca – could emerge from modest cooking chops. Credited with charting the course for New American cuisine, the New York City-based catering duo introduced readers to now-ubiquitous ingredients such as pancetta and pesto.

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Dan Lepard

Baker and food writer

It’s hard to describe just how influential this small NYC food shop was in the 1980s and onward, founded by Sheila Lukins & Julee Rosso. The Silver Palate was a small gourmet deli that cooked food in the store and took inspiration from America, France and Italy in a way way that had rarely been combined before. Arguably it inspired, through a few generations, the modern bakery delis we see everywhere today. The Silver Palate Cookbook (1982) was a tightly packed collection of essential recipes from brunches, lunches and very easy supper meals, a huge success and the book to be found in casual dining kitchens from then on. It was about eating with friends and family with a charm and gusto, and still today is a extremely useful cookbook.

Debora Robertson

Food writer and editor

I bought my first copy of this book on a trip to America in the 80s and it seemed then so fresh and modern, with its line drawings, tips, lists and menu suggestions . The Silver Palate was a smart little gourmet take away place on the Upper West Side and the owners' first cookbook became a publishing phenomenon, selling millions of copies and introducing its readers to exotic things like pesto, raspberry vinegar and tapenade. I still make the chicken tarragon salad and the apple mousse with calvados sauce quite often.

Laura Washburn Hutton

Food writer

Julee Rosso and Sheila Lukins. Remember when raspberry vinegar was the most exotic pantry item you could have? Maybe not, but The Silver Palate books are like time capsules for how we ate in the 80s. I was at university in France then and they were my connection with American food culture. And the illustrations! So retro but fabulous all the same. Notable recipes: Chicken Monterey, Sweet Potato & Carrot Puree.

Johanna Mendelson Forman

Adjunct Professor in International Affairs

How can anyone not like the Silver Palate Cookbook? I remember their retail store in New York City. Their famous Chicken Marbella recipe became the standard for those interested in the new flavors of modern American cuisine. Even Ottolenghi has adapted this recipe using dates and credits these two women for inventing a classic on American tables.

Robyn Metcalfe

Founder and Director, Food+City

Another of our cookbooks that is covered in drips and spills. Long ago, we used this book for its recipe for carrot cake. Good for anyone who misses a cookbook that is unapologetic about the use of wheat, fats, and sugar.

Chawadee Nualkhair

Food writer

The very first cookbook I ever bought for myself. I used to read through it at night before bed, fantasizing about the stews and tarts I would someday make. I still make the chili for a crowd!

Sara Jenkins

chef/owner Porsena & Porchetta

I taught myself to cook all kinds of things with this cookbook as a college student at RISD. I still make the cranberry bread recipe

Maureen Mills

Director, Network London PR

I had visited the gourmet deli shop in New York often and the book promised me a bit of that glamour and good food at home)

Stephanie Jackson


One of the first cookbooks I bought for myself, this was my kitchen bible in the 80s and 90s. Still fond.

Anna Francese Gass

Chef, recipe tester and author

As a cook, it’s a must have. So many amazing recipes, menus, cocktails. You name it, this book has it.

Suzy Chase

Host/producer of cookbook podcast Cookery by the Book

“Ah the ’80’s," Jonathan Gold said about The Silver Palate Cookbook.

Beth Lee


A wedding gift that expanded my cooking repertoire at an early age.

Linda Pelaccio

Culinary historian

An early game-changer of recipes for entertaining

George Geary CCP

Multi-award winning Author, Tour Guide and TV personality

The standard.

Cathy Strange

Whole Foods Market Global Cheese Buyer

Nick Lander

Food writer and restaurant consultant

Borra Garson

Literary agent

Angela Duckworth

Psychologist and best-selling author

Marcy Goldman

Pastry chef and cookbook author

Cynthia Nims

Food Writer and Culinary Consultant

Cathy Barrow

Author of the food blog Mrs. Wheelbarrow's Kitchen

Carey Polis

Editor, Bon Appetit

Sue Carter

Oenophile and Home Cook