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Cuisine Minceur

by Michel Guérard

from the publisher

Michel Guérard's Cuisine Minceur is a celebration of nouvelle cuisine, the revolution in French cooking which has replaced the heavy elaborate dishes of the past with new light creations in which the ingredients are allowed to speak for themselves and maximum importance is accorded to flavour and freshness.

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William Morrow and Company
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Shane Osborn


At the time, ground breaking recipes, focused on healthy cooking and eating. Out with the butter and cream in with olive oil .

Gabriel Gaté


One of the first chef to understand that gastronomy and health can be a happy marriage

Tom Jaine

Food writer

This changed how we cooked in the mid 1970s

Lindsey Bareham

Author and writer

Jamie Bissonnette

Co-chef/owner of Toro NYC, Toro Boston, and Coppa