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Chinese Gastronomy

by Hsiang Ju Lin and Tsuifeng Lin

from the publisher

As a complete guide to classic Chinese cuisine, the book explains how to cook with flavor and texture, provides advice on utensils and methods, and explores the history of customs of Chinese dishes. Approximately 140 recipes include regional specialties, curiosities, plain and classic cooking, and traditional dishes of Chinese feast days. Chinese characters are given for each recipe.

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Sue Dyson and Roger McShane

Food writers

We regard this book as a forerunner for the detailed work now being carried out by Fuchsia Dunlop is documenting regional Chinese cuisine. Lin Yutang is a distinguished Chinese artist. His wife (Tsuifeng Lin) and daughter (Hsiang Ju Lin) have used his artistic skills to decorate this important book on Chinese cuisine. This is much more than a recipe book, providing a sound cultural context for the lovely recipes presented in this compelling survey of Chinese cuisine.

Lisa Gershenson

Food entrepreneur and culinary educator

Way more than a compendium of recipes, this book explores the secret to Chinese gastronomy; “flavors should blend and textures should vary.” How to manipulate and control these elements provides the structure of the book, communicated through witty instructions to the cook. Recipes are presented to illustrate culinary principles and the goals, motives and methods of the Chinese cook.

Sybil Kapoor

Writer and broadcaster

I have cooked my way through this book and still return to it for both information and inspiration. It is often cited in the bibliographies of other British Chinese cookbooks, but is worth studying in its own right.

Georgia Freedman

Writer and food scholar