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Italian Regional Cookery

Italian Regional Cookery

by Valentina Harris


In Italian Regional Cookery, Valentina Harris scouted nineteen Italian regions to develop this comprehensive anthology of classically Italian recipes. She includes a highly curated collection of recipes that covers all the bases – soups, pasta, pizza, gnocchi, fish, egg and cheese dishes, meat, desserts, and more. Along with more than 250 recipes, Harris includes vignettes of each region and a description of the wines produced in each.

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Italian Regional Cookery is a collection of favourite recipes gathered from family and friends for anybody who has fallen in love with the Italians and their food. Re-create in your own home the flavours of the Mediterranean - a bowl of pasta with a delicious sauce of juicy red tomatoes fragrant with basil and garlic, or a warm crusty piece of toasted polenta. Valentina Harris captures the essence of every Italian region in over 250 recipes including all those featured in the BBC television series. Here are warming dishes from the foothills of the Alps, such as Venison with Blueberries, and others from the arid hills of the south like a pungent Lucanian fish soup from Basilicata. All the classic recipes are here: Minestrone, Risotto Milanese, Spaghetti Bolognese, Pizza, as well as many more unusual ones collected by Valentina in recent visits. There are plenty of quick and easy dishes for family lunches or suppers and more exotic dishes for eating with friends. This is authentic Italian food cooked and brought to the table with love and care.

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