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Game Cookery

Game Cookery

by Patricia Lousada


Stuffed with classic recipes for all the game you can name, from the land (grouse, partridge, pheasant, pigeon, woodcock, mallard, hare, wild goose, venison) to the sea and rivers (trout, salmon and other fish). Lousada provides hands-on how-tos on plucking, cleaning, trussing and cooking, plus roasting times and shooting seasons. Recipes include all kinds of European-influenced recipes including patés, puddings and pies.

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Game of all kinds, whether feathered, furred or scaled, has been a staple part of the British diet from the beginning

In this attractive book Patricia Lousada deals with those types of game the average cook is likely to come across, and gives a range of recipes for each. The section on game birds covers grouse, partridge, pheasant, quail, pigeon, snipe, woodcock and wild duck; that on animals, venison, boar, rabbit and hare, and that on fish, the sporting river fish like salmon and trout, the tish of lakes and canals like perch and pike and the game fish of the sea, among them shark and swordfish. Chapters on Patés, Pies and Puddings, Vegetables specially chosen to complement game and Sauces, Stocks and Soups lead up to a section on rarer game giving basic instructions for the intimidated cook.

Especially useful is the Introduction, which gives information about marinating, trussing, barding and larding and other basic techniques,and a table of seasons and roasting times.

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