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The Chocolate Lover's Cookbook

The Chocolate Lover's Cookbook

by Patricia Lousada


Chocolate Velvet Mousse, Mont Blanc, Chocolate Cheesecake, Devil’s Food Cake… Just about every chocolate-lover’s favorite dessert is among the 85 recipes. The book is part of a series published by Sainsbury’s and written by leading authors of the time (New York-born Lousada among them) and the recipes, some with an American influence, are thoroughly reliable.

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When you want something bound to please, chocolate is the answer. Everyone loves it, and in this book, white and dark chocolate appear in more guises than you can imagine. Along with soufflés, hot puddings, cakes and biscuits, there are delectable ice creams and sorbets and tempting truffles and bonbons, together with imaginative cold desserts for a spectacular finale to a dinner party.

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Consuming Passions: Chocolate

Consuming Passions: Chocolate

As Easter approaches, food writer and Registered Nutritionist Joy Skipper reflects on her passion for chocolate and shares findings from her recent travels around southern India, visiting cacao plantations and chocolate makers.
Behind the Cookbook: The Sainsbury’s cookbook series

Behind the Cookbook: The Sainsbury’s cookbook series

In the 1970s and 1980s, Sainsbury’s published a groundbreaking series of cookbooks written by top authors. The books have become classics, and ckbk is working with the authors to make many of these much-loved titles available once more online.