Bread Matters

by Andrew Whitley

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Andrews McMeel
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Recommended by

Chris J L Young


Quite literally a life-changing book for me, this. In late 2008, I went on a course at Schumacher College run by this book’s author. By the end of the week, I was saying: “I didn’t know that they were doing that to my loaf!” I took my signed tome home and became a convert. As a result, when the charity Sustain advertised for a volunteer to run its Real Bread Campaign, co-founded with Whitley and launched just days after the course, I went along one lunch break, had a chat, went back to my office and quit my job. I’ve been there ever since. Oh, and as this is about cookbooks – yes, it has some killer recipes in it.

Lizzie Kamenetzky

Food writer and food stylist

I'm a bread head, i love it - making it, eating it, id be lost without it. This book taught me so much about the ways of bread, it took my baking to a whole new level.

Holly Bell

Recipe writer, presenter and blogger

This book has taught me more about bread than any other. Quite simply, if you want to make and eat excellent bread, invest in a copy.

Julian Carter

Head Baker

If you care about what's in your food and environmental issues this is a must read

Trine Hahnemann

Food writer, Chef and owner of Hahnemannns Køkken

Taught me about baking and how to explain it to others.

Gill Meller


All I need to know.

Simon Hurley

Artisan olive producer

Alison Swan Parente

Co-founder of School of Artisan Food