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Newsletter: Mastering the art of cooking with fish 🐟

Newsletter: Mastering the art of cooking with fish 🐟

Chef, restaurateur, food writer, and leading light of the British food scene, Mark Hix has always had a passion for fish. Growing up on the Dorset coast, initially his focus was on catching them rather than cooking them. As a chef, and in his book Fish etc. his focus is on sustainable enjoyment of the riches the sea has to offer, and on teaching the home cook all they need to know to master any aspect of fish cookery.

Recommended by

Anna Koska


Although I've been illustrating for a while, this book got me into fish in a big way. I had to research all the fish, and spent hours at Billingsgate, heavily pregnant with our first child, being gently steered by the elbow by kindly fish porters to the fish on my list to illustrate. It became my go to book for fish recipes that all the family enjoy.. even the 'I'm not really into fish' ones.

Claire Clark

Pastry chef

Everyday recipes, packed with technical information and buying guides. Lovely dishes that are easy to prepare.