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Newsletter: Mastering the art of cooking with fish 🐟

Mastering the art of cooking fish 🐟 + shop ingredients with Amazon Fresh
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 Mark Hix leads the way as we focus on fish cookery

Chef, restaurateur, food writer, and leading light of the British food scene, Mark Hix has always had a passion for fish. Growing up on the Dorset coast, initially his focus was on catching them rather than cooking them. As a chef, and in his book Fish etc. his focus is on sustainable enjoyment of the riches the sea has to offer, and on teaching the home cook all they need to know to master any aspect of fish cookery.
Subtitled The Ultimate Book for Seafood Lovers, Hix celebrates fish with a recipe for every mood, occasion and type of fish.

He includes alternatives for every recipe so that the home cook can work with what fish they can find. And he covers storage, prepping, shellfish cookery, preserving, and every little thing needed to ensure confidence.
Recipes include those using a touch of fish, such as bottarga or squid ink, to pack a great flavor punch. Try Risotto Nero, or Spaghetti with Bottarga. Hix is known for having a way with comforting classics – his Fish Pie will be an instant favorite with anyone lucky enough to be at the table when it is served. Or if you want to push the boat out (excuse the pun) try Poached Turbot with Egg Sauce from Hix’s days at The Dorchester.
Find 425 fast & fabulous fish suppers
Pictured above: Cedar Plank Roast Salmon with Grapefruit Miso from Masu by Nic Watt

More wonderful fish!

We’ve put together a showcase of Cookbooks Starring Seafood; all books by chefs and food writers known for their expertise with fish.
In The Seafood Shack: Food & Tales from Ullapool, Kirsty Scobie and Fenella Renwick draw the reader deep into the heart of a small fishing community, through stories, photography, and great modern fish recipes that make you long to visit. Try Pan-fried Cod with Pesto and Breadcrumb Topping or a Butterflied Chilli Langoustine Bagel.  
Galton Blackiston is closely associated with the North Norfolk Coast, where he has lived, and worked since the 1990s.

Immersed in the seafood along his home coast, his book Hook Line Sinker: A Seafood Cookbook, is filled with recipes that tempt. Try Tandoori Sea Bass/Ratatouille or how about a warming bowl of Crab & Potato ‘Risotto’.
In her second book, champion of sustainable food production Jenny Jefferies, turns her attention to the community working to protect our seas and our seafood stocks. For the Love of the Sea: A Cookbook to Celebrate the British Seafood Community and their Food is filled with recipes using seafood from the UK. Try a Spicy Seafood Tagine, or upgrade your toast with this Crab Dip

Same day delivery of ingredients with Amazon Fresh

Encouraging users to try out new recipes is one of our main aims at ckbk and we want to make it easy to source ingredients. We already offer grocery delivery via Instacart for ckbk users in the US, and we are now delighted to broaden our grocery delivery options. We have just introduced same day delivery from Amazon Fresh for ckbk users in the US, UK and Japan. This will make it even easier for them to get their hands on the ingredients they need.

We’d love to hear your feedback on how you find this new feature. Let us know what you think and email us at hello@ckbk.com.
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Consuming passions: Fire

Marcus Bawden is very fired up about fire. In our latest feature; Consuming Passions: Fire, he documents his journey into cooking over wood and coals, and why he wants us all to join him. The creator of website, Facebook group, and YouTube channel, CountryWoodSmoke, editor of the UK’s BBQ magazine, with his latest book BBQ for All out in mid-March, there is nothing Bawden doesn’t know about the UK barbecue scene. And there is no better guide to help you get the most out of cooking over fire.
He is on a mission to teach the joys of the ritual, and the great flavor potential, of barbecue. He writes of the different stages a fire goes through, and how each stage lends itself to different and particular cooking.
When reading our feature puts you in the mood to fire up the coals, try Crumbly BBQ Rainbow Trout, some Chinese Tangy BBQ Pork Ribs, and then get creative with a BBQ ‘Mericun Apply Pie for dessert.

What to eat now: celery

A milder descendant of the bitter wild celery plant, celery is fresh tasting and has a great crunch.
Always at home on a dish of crudités or in a salad – try this Apple and Celery Salad – it also responds well to most cooking methods. Its mild, bitter flavor can be the star of the show or a great addition to more complex dishes. Try Celery à la Portugaise, a simple dish of braised celery with tomatoes and olives that makes a great side dish or vegetarian lunch. Or Sausage, Apple and Celery Hotpot with Cider is one-pot comfort cooking at its best.

6 of the best banana breads

Nothing, not even overdoing it during lockdown, can dim the glory of a great banana bread. February 23 is National Banana Bread Day – we need no further excuse...

Bajan Breakfast Banana Bread

from Lavender & Lovage by Karen Burns-Booth

Banana Bread

from The Breakfast Bible by Kate McMillan

Chocolate Chip Banana Bread

from Savory vs Sweet by Shalean Ghitis and Stephanie Ghitis

Buckwheat Banana Bread

from I Can Cook Vegan by Isa Chandra Moskowitz

Banana Bread Pudding with Hot Fudge and Toasted Walnuts

from Sticky, Chewy, Messy, Gooey by Jill O’Connor

Texas Pecan-Banana Bread

from Blackbird Bakery Gluten-Free by Karen Morgan