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The Auberge of the Flowering Hearth

by Roy Andries De Groot


De Groot describes the valley where the Auberge is located as more mysterious than Shangri-La, and his visit to the tiny mountain hostelry was life-changing. “The recipes are a permanent record of a lovely way of life in an extraordinary place at a particular time,” he writes, and his account of a way of life (and cooking) that has since disappeared is enthralling.

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"This cookbook is a whole way of life. What care, love, and work have gone into it. I find it fascinating. I think people would just love it, as it is not like anything else around." -Julia Child

In the high Alpine valley of Le Grande Chartreuse, Roy Andreis de Groot discovered by accident a charming and unpretentious little inn L'Auberge de l'Atre Fleuri. Impressed by the devotion of its owners to perpetuating the tradition of supreme country dining, Mr. de Groot returned to the inn to record their recipes for natural country soups, hearty winter stews, roasted meats, pates, terrines, and fruity and spirituous desserts--the best of French cooking.

Superb food, fine wine and the perfect blending of both into a series of menus for memorable lunches and dinners, together with the unique French Alpine recipes that build each meal--these are the ingredients of this remarkable book, now considered a classic.

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Behind the Cookbook: The Auberge of the Flowering Hearth

Behind the Cookbook: The Auberge of the Flowering Hearth

Almost 50 years ago, Roy Andries de Groot, an aristocratic, eccentric, and profoundly blind British American food writer took a trip to France that would, indirectly, change the course of American cooking. The book that resulted captures a moment in culinary time and place like perhaps no other, and its influence has been profound.

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Julee Rosso

Cook and food writer

The book that inspired me to start my little food company. I wanted to leave corporate life and go and peel carrots for these Inn owners in Provence. Little did I know then…the food business would be followed by owning an inn for 25 years. Just made THAT connection to The Auberge.

Michael Anthony

Executive Chef/Partner

Charles Shere

Writer and composer

Randolph Moon

Restaurant owner

Tamar Adler

Food writer

Lindsey Shere

Pastry chef