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Too Many Chiefs Only One Indian

by Sat Bains


Sat Bains is a chef’s chef, and this book is rated highly on ckbk by Jack Stein, Alan Murchison, and others. Bains is known for his mastery of technique. His recipes, from the tasting menus at his Nottingham, UK, restaurant, are not quick and easy, but they more than reward skilled endeavor, and the book gives insight into the mind of the chef.

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Two Michelin-starred chef Sat Bains offers an unprecedented view into his past, recipes and philosophies on food in his award-winning cookbook.

The book is an autobiographical cookbook that follows the tasting menu format at Restaurant Sat Bains, featuring 68 in-depth recipes, demonstrating how research, development and creativity play a vital role in Sat's food pairings and flavour combinations.

The recipes are presented in 7 courses mirroring the tasting menu at the restaurant, but with the addition of Sat's famous Ham/Egg/Peas which took him through to the final of the Great British Menu. The 7 courses are: Introduction, Savouries, Main Course, Crossover, Chocolate, Cheese, and To Finish.

The book details the theories, thought process and evolution that shape Sat's food, and offers an exclusive opportunity to order dishes featured within the book when dining at Restaurant Sat Bains, even when they're not on the restaurant's current menu.

With a foreword by Heston Blumenthal and contributions from Rene Redzepi and 35 of the world's greatest chefs, and photography by John Arandhara Blackwell.

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Matt Gillan


A truly unique book with lots of personality. It's a breath of fresh air compared to what was available at the time. I think that makes it more inspirational.

Michael O'Hare


This is the best design and layout of a cook book — its fresh , modern and it is unique. a world class book from a top British chef

Alan Murchison

Retired chef, duathlete and performance nutrition specialist

Ballsy, bold, well put together, cutting edge & inspirational — like the man himself.

Daniel Doherty

Executive chef, Duck & Waffle

Andrea Petrini

Food Curator - Writer - GELINAZ! Road Manager