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A Week in the Kitchen

by Karen Dudley


For 11 years Dudley ran The Kitchen restaurant in Cape Town, and this book takes readers straight into the heart of the place. The book documents a typical week in the life of the restaurant – the people, plates, and personalities that brought diners from around the world to its doors.

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The Kitchen is a focal point for creativity where people from all walks of life come to feed their appetites as well as their ingenuity. Every day sees an array of mouth-watering dishes prepared by a team of remarkable and dedicated chefs whose personalised approach and pride in their artistry ensures that every visit or event catered for will be a memorable one. Here is the opportunity to bring Karen's Kitchen to yours! This gorgeous book gives everyone a glimpse into one week of The Kitchen, where menus change daily and South African twists on Mediterranean and Oriental tastes promise clean, natural flavours undisguised by rich sauces. Step on in to Karen's Kitchen, and find out what it is that has publications such as The New York Times and personalities like Michelle Obama relishing their experience.

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Daisy Jones


It’s a treat to have lunch at The Kitchen and I’m inspired by the recipes and visuals in this book: it’s warm, colourful, designy: a little bit hipster and very Cape Town. I particularly like the salads and dressings.

Ghillie Basan

Writer, broadcaster, and food anthropologist