Bouchon Bakery

by Thomas Keller and Sebastien Rouxel

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Roopa Gulati

Chef, food writer and broadcaster

The Bouchon Bakery book panders to my sweet tooth and ticks every box with its fabulous recipes for quick-fixes and elegant show stoppers. I give my gold star to Keller's mum’s pecan cookies - the ultimate sweet punctuator to my day. And, for something more stylish, check out his stunning devil’s food cake with its shiny mirror-like chocolate glaze. Enriched by precision photography, accurately written recipes, and a warm and inviting writing style, this book is marvellous inspiration for my Saturday afternoon baking sessions.

Jeff Stutsman

Director of Operations, Momofuku Culinary Lab

The level of execution in his kitchens comes through in his books. The do's and don'ts and precision given in all the recipes is so useful, particularly in when it comes to breads and pastry which can be so fickle.

Claire Clark

Pastry chef

Modern Day flavour profiles, American classics revamped and given the Keller treatment. Inspirational baking book.

Beverly Shaffer

Author, columnist and Instructor

Kirsten Tibballs

Pastry chef and chocolatier

Michael Rantissi

Kepos Street Kitchen & Kepos & Co

Lisa Yockelson

Baking author