Under Pressure: Cooking Sous Vide

by Thomas Keller


The original sous vide guide from Thomas Keller of acclaimed and multiple-Michelin-stared restaurant The French Laundry. This highly technical cookbook about the method of cooking food vacuum-packed in a low temperature water bath is aimed at the professional chef or ambitious home cook. Keller gives a myriad of ingredients the sous vide treatment - from pig’s tails to calf’s liver to the humble carrot.

from the publisher

Sous vide is the culinary innovation that has everyone in the food world talking. In this revolutionary new cookbook, Thomas Keller, America's most respected chef, explains why this foolproof technique, which involves cooking at precise temperatures below simmering, yields results that other culinary methods cannot. For the first time, one can achieve short ribs that are meltingly tender even when cooked medium rare. Fish, which has a small window of doneness, is easier to finesse, and shellfish stays succulent no matter how long it's been on the stove. Fruit and vegetables benefit, too, retaining color and flavor while undergoing remarkable transformations in texture.

The secret to sous vide is in discovering the precise amount of heat required to achieve the most sublime results. Through years of trial and error, Keller and his chefs de cuisine have blazed the trail to perfection—and they show the way in this collection of never-before-published recipes from his landmark restaurants—The French Laundry in Napa Valley and per se in New York. With an introduction by the eminent food-science writer Harold McGee, and artful photography by Deborah Jones, who photographed Keller's best-selling The French Laundry Cookbook, this book will be a must for every culinary professional and anyone who wants to up the ante and experience food at the highest level.

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Recommended by

Adam Reid

Head Chef, The French at The Midland Hotel, Manchester

A very accessible introduction to sous vide cookery and also some great recipes from one of the greats. Every amateur armed with a waterbath and a vac packer should read this first.

Daniel Galmiche


For modern techniques, very well done.

Aaron Franklin

Owner and Chef, Franklin Barbecue

Alexander Rozin

Professor in the Department of Music Theory, History, and Composition

Lorenzo Cogo

Chef and owner of EL COQ restaurant – one Michelin Star in Italy

Donovan Cooke

Executive Chef and co-owner, The Atlantic Restaurant

Andrew Scott

Executive Head Chef of Restaurant 56 and Sudbury House Hotel