Ma Gastronomie

by Fernand Point

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Recommended by

Michael Laiskonis

Pastry Chef, Consultant, Writer, Creative Director at ICE, NYC

Point is often credited as the father of contemporary cooking, and as the important link between the stodgy, codified technique of Escoffiers day and the generation that would come to revolutionize the way we cook and eat through nouvelle cuisine. This book should be required reading for anyone entering the field, but can also be enjoyed by all who simply love to eat, as Point himself surely did. His many aphorisms on life, both in and out of the kitchen, are collected here and make for a very entertaining read.

William Woys Weaver

Food historian, author, gardener, epicure

Any of Point’s works would belong here. For me he is an inspiration not only as a great chef, but also as a philosophical cook with unique flair and intellect. He represents a branch of culinary literature where cuisine as art and food as thought meld into one overarching philosophy. I think the world hungers for more writing like his.

Fergus Henderson


You’ve got to love a chef who shared a magnum of champagne with his barber every morning. And his writing on food is timeless.

Alan Coxon

Chef and TV presenter

A book that I purchased back in South of France when I was working as a commis chef in Monte Carlo back in 1983.

Sam Bompas

Experimental food artist

Ann Redding

Chef & Owner Uncle Boons​