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Simple and Delicious Vegan

Simple and Delicious Vegan

by Michaela Vais


Michaela Vais started out her recipe-writing career on Instagram, which soon led to her popular blog ElaVegan, and now a brightly photographed, helpful cookbook bringing together many of her most-liked vegan, gluten-free creations. The food does what what is says on the title, "it just happens to be vegan!"

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Simple and Delicious Vegan is a plant based cookbook filled with delicious plant based breakfast ideas, vegan lunch ideas, dairy and gluten free snacks, and unbelievably vegan dinners. This is perfect for those looking to spice up their diet, to heal with food, or those ready to embrace sustainable living.

Eat Plants, be happy. Simple and Delicious Vegan makes cooking healthy food that tastes good as easy as pie. Enjoy original, easy recipes that are healthy, allergy-friendly, delicious, and good for both your body and the planet. Only a few recipes contain nuts, soy, or corn, with substitutions always provided. Lovingly photographed, Simple and Delicious Vegan also offers ingredient shots, so you see what to buy—getting you cooking—and eating—faster!

Learn how to cook plant-based food from an expert. Popular blogger and author Michaela Vais, or Ela, was a vegetarian by age six. In 2011, she made her best decision yet and went vegan. She gained energy, cured her cystic acne, and connected with the earth in a new way. In this vegan, plant based cookbook, she shares what she's learned so you, too, can reap the benefits.

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