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The Cook's Book of Everything

The Cook's Book of Everything

by Lulu Grimes


The Cook’s Book of Everything is as close as it comes to a truly comprehensive manual for cooking and understanding the craft. Lulu Grimes worked to create a healthy mix of modern and traditional recipes—some quick, some complex, some eastern and some western. Categorized by dish and including a hearty index, this user-friendly reference book is a cook’s one-stop shop.

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This is a timeless and comprehensive collection of how to make the world’s best zuppa inglese; how to coat meat with flour and not get your hands dirty; how to keep your friands light and stop your soufflés sinking; how to chiffonade a handful of fresh basil in 10 seconds. . . .how to whip egg whites. How to cook. Everything.

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Murdoch Books
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Martyna Angell

Blogger, Wholesome Cook

This is one of the most comprehensive books out there, I think, on classic techniques and preparing hundreds of basics. It's wonderful.