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Rôtis: Roasts for Every Day of the Week

Rôtis: Roasts for Every Day of the Week

by Stéphane Reynaud


Beautiful food photographs, whimsical illustrations, clever recipes, and chef Reynaud’s expertise combine to make this a winner of a book. Reynaud knows his meat cooking, and his roasts – one for every day of the week, if you so choose – have an enticing French flair (Garlic-Studded Fillet of Beef with Snails, Lyonnaise-style Roast Rabbit, Roast Guinea Fowl with Cabbage…). For anyone caught the ‘roast rut’, the recipes in this book provide countless creative ways to breathe new life into a familiar dish.

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Whether it’s “Grandma’s roast beef ” or “veal with an Indian accent,” nothing says hearty French food like a roast. Now, with Rôtis, celebrated French chef Stéphane Reynaud shows that roasts aren’t just for Sundays. With recipes requiring as little as five minutes of preparation and with cooking times as little as 20 minutes, Reynaud suggests roasts for every day of the week: beef on Monday, veal on Tuesday, poultry on Wednesday, pork on Thursday, fish on Friday, lamb on Saturday, and all the rest on Sunday.

And to accompany the feast, try the assortment of side dishes for every season, including a sumptuous slow-cooked ratatouille for the summer and traditional gratin dauphinois in the winter.

Written in straightforward steps, with helpful suggestions for everything from tying a roast, keeping it moist, to serving your guests, and making use of leftovers (a Sunday night “TV sandwich”?), each recipe is accompanied by mouthwatering photographs and presented in a charming format that brings the delightful style of French markets into your home.

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