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Lamingtons & Lemon Tart

Lamingtons & Lemon Tart

by Darren Purchese

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Darren Purchese, known for his flamboyant, high-end creations, now presents his own take on the classics. Although cast with his trademark flair, the recipes are all designed to be within the grasp of competent home cooks and the ingredients can be sourced with ease.

Alongside this line-up of classics, he includes a selection of his favourites such as caramelised white chocolate mousse, explosive raspberry wagon wheels, lemon meringue pie éclair, passionfruit clouds and his signature honeycomb rubble. As well as recipes across eight chapters (cakes, choux pastry, desserts, snacks, tarts, breakfast, confectionery and frozen dessert) Purchese takes readers through the basics of what he considers to be sweet essentials , including batters, caramel, pastry, meringues, jellies and chocolate ganache.

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Author profile: Darren Purchese

Author profile: Darren Purchese

British born chef Darren Purchese is Australian patisserie royalty. If you are in Australia you will know of him. If you aren’t you will certainly have heard of Australian Masterchef, the globally watched show on which his complex creations have been set as tie-breaker challenges under his watchful eye and expert guidance. Find out more about Darren’s cookbooks and some of his favorite recipes in Cat Black’s author profile.