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Sweet Studio

Sweet Studio

by Darren Purchese


In Sweet Studio, pastry chef Darren Purchese invites you to create bold, sophisticated, mouthwatering desserts, suitable for shop windows, right in your own kitchen. Purchase walks you through the steps to create sixteen of his signature creations that are a construction of mixed texture and flavor. The recipes for each element are provided in easy-to-follow instructions, making each elaborate creation accessible to the at-home baker.

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Sweet studio is a laboratory for delectable desserts, where classically trained pastry chef Darren Purchese produces exquisite and extravagant sweet creations. . . . made from component parts such as jellies, mousses, sponges, cream, and spreads. . . .This book is guaranteed to bring out the inner Willy Wonka in all of us.

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Murdoch Books
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Author profile: Darren Purchese

Author profile: Darren Purchese

British born chef Darren Purchese is Australian patisserie royalty. If you are in Australia you will know of him. If you aren’t you will certainly have heard of Australian Masterchef, the globally watched show on which his complex creations have been set as tie-breaker challenges under his watchful eye and expert guidance. Find out more about Darren’s cookbooks and some of his favorite recipes in Cat Black’s author profile.

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