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Rose Elliot's Complete Vegan

Rose Elliot's Complete Vegan

by Rose Elliot


Rose Elliot MBE has been writing about and cooking vegetarian food since the 1960s and has been an inspiration to generations. Her latest book is thorough, covering everything from vegan ideology and practicalities (how to have a healthy vegan diet, gravies and sauces, vegan dairy substitutes…) to indulgent weekend feasts.

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With an increasing awareness of the ethical, environmental and health benefits of following a plant-based diet, the vegan movement is now stronger than ever. Rose Elliot has been at the forefront of meat-free foodwriting for over 35 years, and here offers readers a masterclass in vegan cookery. The book includes more than 150 recipes, from basics such as nut milks, butters, cheeses and creams, to recipes for breakfasts, light bites and lunches, labour-light midweek mains, spectacular dishes for entertaining, delicious desserts and tempting baked goods.

The recipes range from comforting dishes like Macaroni Cheese to more exotic fare, such as a fragrant Aubergine Pilaff Cake. Proving that following a vegan diet doesn't mean missing out on your favourite foods, the book also shows how to whip up a creamy mayo, classic Yorkshire pudding or wonderfully crisp meringue at home, all without using any animal products.

Packed with beautiful photography, and mouthwatering recipes, Rose Elliot's Complete Vegan is the ultimate resource for any vegan cook no matter their level of experience or expertise

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