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Meat Free Mowgli

Meat Free Mowgli

by Nisha Katona


Restaurateur Nisha Katona points out, quite rightly, that Indian cuisine is "heavily geared toward seasonal vegetable-heavy menus”. So there are endless simple, plant-based meals to be enjoyed in Mowgli’s style (the UK chain of Indian street-food restaurants). Try Indian spiced IPA Onion Rings, or Tandoori Tofu Kebabs for a meat-free barbecue option.

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Star TV chef and restaurant owner Nisha Katona applies her trademark fresh, spice-packed and family-friendly modern Indian culinary style to vegan and veggie food.
Environmentalists are calling for us to reduce our meat intake and Indian cuisine, being naturally healthy, flavoursome and meat-free, is fast becoming the go-to cuisine for modern families. Nisha Katona is on a mission to preserve the authentic Indian cooking of her mother and grandmothers, translating it for a Western audience into recipes that are quick and easy to prepare, healthy and super tasty – perfect for today's busy lives.

The book is organised by ingredient to be as useful as possible, and all the ingredients are easy to source. Once again, Nisha weaves her magic, conjuring up incredible flavours with just a handful of carefully paired ingredients. Chapter by chapter find out: * What to do with Roots * What to do with Beans * What to do with Squashes * What to do with Brassicas & Leafy Greens * What to do with Lentils & Other Grains *What to do with Fruits * What to do with Eggs and Dairy. There is one vegetarian chapter for eggs and dairy products; otherwise the book is fully vegan.

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