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The Blue Ribbon Cookbook

The Blue Ribbon Cookbook

by Liz Harfull


Liz Harfull's first book captures the stories of South Australian country shows and the long-standing traditions of their cookery competitions. It went on to be a huge success, selling hundreds of thousands of copies, which led to a national follow-up, 'The Australian Blue Ribbon Cookbook.' Published in September 2008, 'The Blue Ribbon Cookbook' has become a best-seller, praised by critics and home cooks. It even took the bemused author to Paris, where it was named runner-up in the most hotly contested category of the Gourmand World Cookbook Awards against finalists from more than 50 countries. Who would have thought a celebration of amateur cooks and the humble arts of country baking and preserve-making in the Antipodes would end up in the gourmet capital of the world?

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Been to a country show and wondered who are the people behind the vast spread? Ever thought about entering yourself? Here are 53 country shows, the cooks behind the scenes, and their prize-winning recipes. Dip in for fascinating insights into the lives of these cooks, and get busy in the kitchen with their dos and don'ts, and advice from the eagle-eyed judges. THE BLUE RIBBON COOKBOOK is a goldmine for anyone who loves to cook, and enjoy the rewards with friends and family.

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Behind the Cookbook: The Blue Ribbon Cookbook

Behind the Cookbook: The Blue Ribbon Cookbook

In this guest post, ckbk subscriber Francene Connor writes about a South Australian cookbook that is close to her heart: The Blue Ribbon Cookbook by Liz Harfull. Francene discusses the importance of community cookbooks and the vital role they play in preserving rural traditions and supporting local communities.