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Chilli & Mint: Indian Home Cooking from A British Kitchen

Chilli & Mint: Indian Home Cooking from A British Kitchen

by Torie True


The debut book from British author, blogger, and cooking teacher Torie True is a brilliantly curated collection of recipes from across the Indian Subcontinent, from Sikkim in the north to Sri Lanka in the south, with a healthy serving from Bengal (the home of her Kolkata-born husband), and a focus on vegetarian dishes. Recipes are carefully explained, and True makes real Indian home-cooking a deliciously achievable prospect.

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Chilli & Mint will be an instant favourite for anyone who is interested in food and spice (but not necessarily spicy food!) or the intricacies of Indian home cooking. Written by Torie True, an established food writer and cookery teacher, this beautiful cookbook contains over 100 recipes to bring a little more spice into your culinary repertoire. Chilli and Mint takes readers on an informative and intoxicating journey from breakfasts worth getting up for, comforting dals and punchy chutneys to sweet and savoury treats, staple Indian breads and spice blends. There are plenty of tips and tricks for creating successful dishes from scratch, alongside a wealth of information on Indian spices, suppliers, kitchen equipment, fresh ingredients and menu ideas. By following Torie’s accessible step-by-step recipes, anyone can explore the everyday delights of India’s wonderfully diverse cuisine at home.

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Behind The Cookbook: Chilli & Mint

Behind The Cookbook: Chilli & Mint

London-based food writer, blogger, author, and cooking teacher Torie True published Chilli & Mint in November 2021. The book is filled with home-style Indian recipes, and Torie describes her role as a teacher as being “a bridge between East and West cuisines.” She tells ckbk why she believes it’s important to pass on the knowledge she has learned over the years.