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Dirty: Dirty Food For Your Filthy Chops

Dirty: Dirty Food For Your Filthy Chops

by Mark Studley

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Wanna make fun food to suit your own tastes, dietary requirements, skill set, and budget? Then Dirty is for you. This game-changing cookbook is here to help you transform basic, everyday, supermarket ingredients into grub so tasty you’ll want to dive in face first. Most recipes can be made in just 30 minutes and work with fresh, frozen, bottled, or packaged ingredients so you can cook at whatever level you feel comfortable: this book actually encourages you NOT to follow instructions and instead get creative with your cooking. From Bangers n Mash Pie to Spag Bol Cupcakes, this is unpretentious food to fill your belly and have a laugh with.

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Meze Publishing
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Author profile: Mark Studley (author of Dirty)

Author profile: Mark Studley (author of Dirty)

Mark Studley is a self-taught chef whose over-the-top burgers and street food have won many fans (and awards). He stumbled into the business almost by chance “I got fed up with paying money for rubbish food. I thought I could do it better”, and opened the Cow N Bun burger bar in Somerset. He now works as a private chef, and Dirty is his first cookbook. The book won private chef platform YHangry’s cookbook of the year award in 2022. ckbk co-founder Matt Cockerill spoke to the chef to understand the dirty ethos.