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Paul Bocuse: Simply Delicious

Paul Bocuse: Simply Delicious

by Paul Bocuse


Paul Bocuse, one of the first 'celebrity chefs,' was internationally regarded for his precise approach to cooking and for championing classic French gastronomy. The recipes in this book, such as Pepper Steaks and Cherry Clafoutis, show that Bocuse could also keep things simple when he had a mind to.

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Paul Bocuse selected more than 100 of his favorite recipes for this affordable cookbook. Organized into sections by course or main ingredient, all the classics are featured, from French onion soup to quiche Lorraine, beurre blanc to crayfish bisque, roasted monkfish to Moules Marinière, pepper steak to veal medallions, and madeleines to iced cherry soufflé. Bocuses step-by-step instructions allow the home chef to readily master a Parmesan soufflé, beef bourguignon with morel cream sauce, or the perfect strawberry tart.

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