English Muffins

For large-quantity measurements.

Ingredients U.S. Metric %
Water (see mixing instructions) 12 oz 375 g 75
Yeast, fresh 0.25 oz 8 g 1.5
Bread flour 1 lb 500 g 100
Salt 0.25 oz 8 g 1.5
Sugar 0.25 oz 8 g 1.5
Nonfat milk solids 0.4 oz (2 tsp) 12 g 2.3
Shortening 0.25 oz 8 g 1.5
Total weight: 1 lb 13 oz 919 g 183%
Ingredients U.S. Metric
Water (see mixing instructions) 3 lb 1500 g
Yeast, fresh 1 oz 30 g
Bread flour 4 lb 2000 g
Salt 1 oz 30 g
Sugar 1 oz 30 g
Nonfat milk solids 1.5 oz 45 g
Shortening 1 oz 30 g
Total weight: 7 lb 5 oz 3665 g




Straight dough method

20–25 minutes at second speed

This dough is intentionally overmixed to develop its characteristic coarse texture. Because of this long mixing time, use twice your normal machine friction factor when calculating water temperature. For this reason, and because of the low fermentation temperature, it is usually necessary to use very cold water or part crushed ice.


Dough temperature: 70°F (21°C). Ferment 2½ to 3 hours.

Scaling and Makeup

Because this dough is very soft and sticky, you must use plenty of dusting flour. Scale at 1.5 oz (45 g) per unit. Round and relax the units, then flatten with the palms of the hands. Place on cornmeal-covered trays to proof.


Bake on both sides on a griddle at low heat.