Victorian Maple Cake


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    8 to 10

    • Difficulty


Appears in

The Simple Art of Perfect Baking

By Flo Braker

Published 1984

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Treat yourself to an old-fashioned combination. You’ll love the blend of the butter cake with the refined flavor of pure maple syrup in a fluffy, light frosting.



    Advance Preparations

    Prepare two layers of Buttermilk Cake.

    Split each layer in half to create four 4-inch-thick layers.

    Prepare Maple Italian Meringue.

    Assembling the Cake

    Place one of the ¾-inch layers on the cardboard round and then on the cake decorating turntable. Spread Maple Italian Meringue about ¼ inch thick over the layer. Top with another layer, gently pressing it to level the cake. Spread with more meringue. Repeat the procedure with the third layer, leveling it, then spreading with the meringue. Top with the last layer, again pressing it carefully to level.

    With the cake on the turntable, spread a thin film of the meringue along the sides and top of the cake to set any loose crumbs to the cake. (The height of the cake makes it difficult to hold it in your hand while you coat the sides with the frosting.) Remove all crumbs from the metal icing spatula before applying more meringue to the cake. (Since this frosting tends to be very sticky, it’s a good idea to dip the spatula into a tall glass of warm water, then to dry it before making another application.)

    To finish the cake, spread another thin layer of the frosting around the sides and on top. Then smooth the sides and top with the aid of your turntable and metal spatula.

    Optional Decorating Technique

    After you have applied the frosting, place a metal skewer on a stove burner. Heat it over a medium-high heat for about 3 to 5 minutes. Transfer the cake to a nearby surface. Score the cake, making lines that form the letter M. (The hot metal caramelizes the sugar in the frosting, crystallizing an impression on the surface of the cake. If this does not happen, the skewer isn’t hot enough.) Each time you lightly touch the top of the frosting to make a line, return the skewer to the burner to reheat.

    Hold the cake in one hand, and press the finely chopped pecans around its base with your other hand.

    Storing the Cake

    Do not refrigerate, but serve the cake at room temperature on the day it is assembled. This way the flavors and textures are at their peak.